Overcoming the simple concept of laminating, FILIPPI 1971 is able to offer an extremely wide range of laminated panels, the result of the many possible combinations between different types of surface materials, different panels and the available technologies. The finishing ranges from industrial processing of finish paper to the production of custom melamine surfaces through digital print. Among these two types of products, there are also panels laminated with Alkorcell® vinyl sheets, CPL and also with digital print produced in-house. We are able to coat all types of wood-based support (chipboard, also made with poplar, HDF, MDF, poplar or birch plywood) and mineral support (vermiculite, magnesium oxide, etc.). The panels and some types of lamination can be ordered with specific fire resistance or water resistant features. We produce digital print laminates in-house, fully customisable in order to perfectly match our melamine surfaces. At the end of 2016, we launched VittEr® on the market, the last generation of layered product that can be specially produced with any kind of digital print, interior colour and surface finishes. We have reinvented compact laminates by producing them without phenol, with 0 formaldehyde release, making them not only more environmentally friendly, but also suitable for contact with food and for phytosanitary applications. VittEr® has made major changes not only to the design but also to the functionality of bathroom and kitchen countertops, shower walls and tables. It is water, heat and scratch resistant. It was embracing the historical roots of the company in the production of semi-finished products for residential furniture, and at the same time meeting the requests from the campervan-caravan market for a more integrated delivery of melamine laminated panels and furniture kits, that in 2017 we launched an entire production area dedicated to the production of complete sets of furniture, from doors to bathroom components. This strategic upgrade in supplies to our Italian and international customers makes us the European company with the most complete product range in the quality panel business.