At the end of 2016, we launched VittEr® on the market, the last generation of layered product that can be specially produced with any kind of digital print, interior colour and surface finishes. We have reinvented compact laminates by producing them without phenol, with 0 formaldehyde release, making them not only more environmentally friendly, but also suitable for contact with food and for phytosanitary applications.

Main Benefits:

  • fully water-resistant

  • high scratch and damage resistance

  • formaldehyde-free

  • customizable in the core colours (on the surface), color or digital printing on both sides and in the 3D finish texture

  • can be manufactured from 2 mm up to 30 mm.

  • maximum size is 3050×1300 mm

  • can be CNC-ed and is compatible with the traditional fixing and assembling systems

  • does not need to be edge-banded

  • no minimum quantity required

  • can be matched to any other melamine and/or laminate products manufactured by FILIPPI 1971, in any color shade, digital printing and 3D textures, in order to coordinate surfaces and harmonize spaces