Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021

We exhibited for the eighteenth consecutive year at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf from 27th August to 5th September.


The panel, forever

Adamas is an innovative solution by Filippi 1971 for the recreational vehicle industry: now the manufacturers can have access to a 100% made in Italy poplar plywood panel whose surface is made harder and homogeneous thanks to a surface treatment based on formaldehyde-free resins carried out directly by Filippi 1971.

The panel is thus made more resistant to scratches and accidental impacts: not only has the surface hardness tested Class 2, but its ultra-smooth texture would not allow the typical wood grain / natural cathedral to show through, while keeping the lightweight of the poplar plywood.

The panel with Adamas surface represents a sustainable solution with adamantine hardness and durability, ideal for the laminating service with post- and pre-impregnated papers that we have been supplying to the RV furniture for almost twenty years.


The wood-based laminated panels are mainly used for the furniture sets of the recreational vehicles and manufacturing of interior doors. We are able to offer a wide range of types of panels and surface materials: finish paper, Alkorcell®, PVC, CPL and any other surface material in rolls.

Dynamic and flexible, we have been serving the most demanding customers for about twenty years. Through the use of a press we also coat laminates in sheets.

Our company has partnerships with all the leading manufacturers of European poplar plywood, focusing on the Italian industry which has always been synonymous with quality and reliability. Our calender department is equipped with the best technology available in the industry which, together with the attention at every step of production and the stringent quality controls, ensures product performance and safety, while respecting the strictest technical and environmental rules.


An entire department is dedicated to the production of complete furniture kits, from doors to special curved elements.

A complete machine park and highly specialised human resources allow the production of even highly complex products for the RV, design furniture, marine, contract and other industries.

The company is able to produce flat and curved components, doors and tables, kitchen tops, gaming tops and shower boards.

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