The R&D department was founded in early 2016 within Filippi 1971 to assist customers with their technical needs as well as to design and develop new solutions in-house. Among the exclusive products born from the incessant research work are VittEr®, a new generation laminate that is fire-retardant and antibacterial, and Pure White, the white stripe that characterises the gaming table tops made by Filippi 1971.

In 2017, Filippi 1971 expanded its product range by inaugurating the new Moitech® department, which aims to be your partner for high-tech solutions and to work with you to develop innovative products. Recently, we filed a patent for Armour technology, which makes solid wood lighter and stronger than what is possible in nature. In addition to this, there is the creation of technological multilayers – Augmented Materials – which combine different types of wood with composite materials.



In 2016, VittEr® was officially introduced. Over the months, the production chain is organised and the nine colours that characterise the material are defined.

Twenty-three certifications make VittEr® an ideal interior design material for horizontal and vertical applications of furniture elements in different types of residential, hospitality, healthcare, community and home environments.

New line of furniture made entirely of VittEr®, a fire retardant and antibacterial material exclusive of Filippi 1971.



Inauguration of the new department dedicated to the production of composite objects called Moitech®.

Sail battens are produced for the nautical sector, while safety belt anchorage beams are produced for the automotive sector passing through FEM analysis.

Other products include simple kitchen tops or tops with integrated sinks, lightweight doors and lightweight bed frames.

Start of the circular economy project.

Armour technology makes solid wood lighter and stronger. Technological multilayers – Augmented Materials – are produced, combining wood species with composite materials. Lightweight tables, rifle butts, baseball bats, work tool handles and civil engineering products are initially produced.

The presence of two 3D printers allows Moitech® to offer prototyping and production on demand.




Start of the gaming table tops project.

Thanks to the support of Gianfranco Confalonieri, international excellence has been achieved in the printing of the white stripe for the gaming table tops. The characteristic white stripe made by Filippi 1971 is called Pure White.

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