At Interzum, #filippi1971 under the Art Direction of Basaglia + Rota Nodari Architects, presents not only the many new products but also its philosophy as a #green company, with six production units all in the Bergamo area in order not to relocate but to enhance the area.

FILIPPI 1971, a family company now in its third generation, has been active in the furniture industry since its foundation with an eye to technological innovation and not only to manufacturing processes to offer cutting-edge solutions. The most recent past of the company is marked by dynamism and expansion with the choice of Basaglia + Rota Nodari Architettiquali Art Director. In addition to strengthening the proposal, often custom-made, of laminated panels, in 2016 launches on the market a compact customizable material calledVittEr®, of its exclusive production. The following year a carpentry department was inaugurated dedicated to the production of furniture kits for the interior decoration of motorhomes and caravans, the production of flat and curved doors and any type of special component. 2018 was a founding year for further company growth: an internal R&D department was set up to develop new products and assist customers in their technical needs.