Filippi: set to attack

With considerable experience and a wide and varied product range, Filippi 1971’s goal is to increase their presence on all European and extra European mar-kets, thanks to the recent investments in machinery and technology and the strengthening of the com-mercial area in partnership with Giorgio Levoni.

The last five years have marked an important company growth for Filippi 1971, in syner-gy with Giorgio Levoni srl, as a consequence of strategic investments in machinery, technologies, structures, and also in human resources at different levels that led to doubling the number of employees. Since last April, Ivo Bolis has joined Francesca Filippi, in the role of Sales Director, with the specific task of coor-dinating the entire commercial area, with particular at-tention to new markets. Recruiting highly skilled labour force, senior managers and technicians, supported by the expansion of the company’s premises, has led to an increase of the production capacity, an expansion of the range and a relentless study of innovative products, as the result of a lively R&D department.