Going ultralight: -150 Kg

The introduction of carbon fiber and other composite materials in the RV industry is a real revolution: Filippi 1971 claims that working on furniture and structural elements could lead to a saving of at least 150 kg on each motorhome, with acceptable costs.

The new composite materials are Filippi 1971’s new challenge: great changes are expected in the RV sector. The goal is to re-duce the weight of many construction and furnishing elements with sustainable costs, by carefully using various types of composite materials. The company, who has been known in the RV industry for the lightweight wood-based laminated panels, has been investing in new different technologies for some years, including composite ma-terials such as recycled PET, glass and carbon fibers. Engineers from different industrial sectors work in the R&D department of Filippi 1971, with the aim of introducing various ad-vanced solutions, widely in use in other industrial sectors such as the aerospace, naval, railway and automotive, into the current production of recre-ational vehicles.