We use wood. We protect the environment.

This is the principle that animates “Il legno: dalla natura alle cose”, an event born from the desire to enhance wood as an eco-sustainable raw material, quickly renewable and which favors the balance of the greenhouse effect.

It is correct to cut the old tree from which we obtain the wood for the objects we use in everyday life; it is convenient to manage the future development of the forest with appropriate reforestation activities.

The philosophy of “Il legno: dalla natura alle cose” is illuminated by values that we can recognize in everyday behavior if it is aimed at intelligent attention for our natural environment and cooperative attitude in order to foster relations for the development of well-being common.

Knowing how to recognize and manage natural elements that surround us means understanding which and how many benefits can be achieved.

Attention, intelligence, cooperation, management.

They are words that in ” Il legno: dalla natura alle cose ” take on precise meanings, an expression of values that we can all adhere to in our simple daily choices, in the production methods or in the design considerations.

To adhere means to adopt its values and to extend them little by little in its context.

“Il legno: dalla natura alle cose”

It is a voluntary non-profit event conceived by the Museo Museo del Falegname which pursues the following objectives:

– promote the use of wood as a renewable and environmentally friendly material

– promote an intelligent attention to the natural environment also through the use of renewable resources and the re-qualification of traditions

– enhance the territory also through the testimonies of the production companies

The periodicity is annual.

General informations 

The format can be reviewed from year to year and, if necessary, be subject to sharing and approval by the MdF Foundation.

Basically the content must include the following paths:

Knowledge – illustration of how and why wood is an ecological and renewable material

Culture – artistic and / or environmental aspects

Laboratories – manual or scientific that bring children closer to the knowledge of wood

Discovery – rediscover the territory and its traditions

Active testimony – above all linked to the actions of companies in the wood supply chain and schools close to the supply chain


Every year the companies in the wood supply chain are called to adhere, on a voluntary basis, to the project and, in line with the philosophy of the event, to be witnesses of know-how, technology, attention to the environment and the importance of wood in the current reality.

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