Mastering the challenge of lightweight design furniture components

VittEr® Lite: composite materials matched with the digital-printed laminates are Filippi 1971’s top products, result of a relentless R&D activity to bring innovation, design and lightweight in the RV furniture… and beyond.

Amazingly true: thanks to Filippi 1971, composite materials, including carbon fiber, are now used in the RV industry. This Italian company, which until a few years ago has been mainly known as a supplier of laminated plywood panels, has now become a point of reference for innovative furniture solutions. As 2020 is fast approaching with its restrictive measures on polluting emis-sions, many RV manufacturers will be fac-ing dramatic changes in their building tech-niques. Filippi 1971 can now offer advanced technical, structural and design solutions combining the digital printing both on Vit-tEr®, and officially introducing VittEr® Lite at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2019.