Melamine for the RV sector

For years now, Filippi Legnami has been a trusted supplier for many camper and caravan manufacturers,and has recently expanded its product range: alongside the popular and traditional wood veneer panelproduction, new digital printing machinery have recently been introduced, as well as a novel finishingsystem for melamine paper multilayer panels.

Wood has always been an essential component of recreatio-nal vehicle cabins – not just a fanciful designer whim, butan indispensable element. Experiments have been conducted to go beyond wood panelling, but in the end tradition has alwayswon out, as wood has proven to be an age-old material that like noother provides the necessary warmth and ambiance sought by camperand caravan users everywhere. However, this doesn’t mean things are-n’t progressing: many changes have been implemented over the years,from both a technical and cabin design perspective. At Filippi Legnami,the latest innovation developments have occurred specifically to crea-te products using state-of-the-art technology, heralding new trendsthat not only accommodate changes, but also pre-empt new ideas,while imagining new scenarios. For over forty years, Filippi Legnami’score business has always been woodworking, and the camper andcaravanning sector has provided a new challenge. In just a few years,our broad product range in this segment has allowed us to become anindustry leader. Since 2013, the newly formed partnership between Filippi Legnami and Giorgio Levoni, a managing partner and entrepre-neur from the renowned family operating in the food industry, has resulted in an even stronger presence in the sector, creating new synergies for innovation and the development of processes and products.