VittEr Design by Filippi 1971 included in the ADI Design Index 2021

The Osservatorio permanente del Design gives VittEr Design by Filippi 1971 its first important recognition: the brand and the company have been included in the ADI Design Index 2021, in the category “Research for business” and will compete in the next edition of the Compasso d’Oro, number twenty-seven.

At this edition, as announced during the presentation at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, 1009 products competed, of which only 233 were those selected, chosen for their characteristics of “development, sustainable and responsible“.

As Francesca Filippi, project manager Filippi 1971 and VittEr Design explains: “our business project represents in an optimal way the synthesis and the sum of the criteria that ADI Design Index 2021 has requested to the candidates of this category and, for this reason, we are very proud of our work and that of the architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari who, with their role as art directors, have contributed to the birth of the brand and its first collection“.

The brand VittEr Design and the first collection of furniture POP&Déco, entirely made of VittEr ®, are distinguished, as required by the Permanent Observatory of Design, “for originality and functional and typological innovation, for the production processes adopted, for the materials used, for the formal synthesis achieved. In addition to this, we add the “particular attention paid to products that express respect for the environment“.

A further criterion of the ADI selection was to “highlight the specificities and vocations of the production districts of the Italian territory and give life to projects and initiatives to promote, through design, research and innovation within companies and in the territory, with strategic projects for the company“.

Starting from the redevelopment of Filippi 1971 headquarter, in Berbenno (BG), architects and company have understood that they have the opportunity to contribute to the development of an Italian excellence strongly rooted in its territory of origin, the Imagna Valley, a historical district linked to woodworking.

We are very satisfied” concludes Francesca Filippi “with the selection ADI Design Index and to have completed this important path that has allowed us to enhance once again our territory. A work developed in several steps, which has laid the foundations for a future path related to the world of design“.