The surface tailors

With a well-establisted presence in the RV market and strong from the investment made over the last periodwitnessing their will to expand their range of action, Filippi Legnami can now boast a very wide choice of sur-faces: digital printing and melamine technology open new frontiers in the furnishing of recreational vehicles.

Going beyond the simple concept of laminating panels, Filippi Legnami can now offer their customers a fully comprehensive range of laminated products, result of the combination of many surface materials and different types of substrates. Laminating surfacesvary from industrially manufactured finish papers to customized melamine “built”through digital printing upon customer’s specifications. Between these two extremes there is everything from thin CPL to HPL with digital printing. Also the choice of thepanels goes from the cheap chipboard (alsomade of poplar) to the poplar or birch plywood, passing through the wood fiberpanels such as the MDF and HDF.